Australian Company Designs Anti-Shark Wetsuits

Scientists in Australia-Shark Attack Mitigation Systems have created two wetsuits that help to prevent shark attacks.

The markings and colours help break up the shape of the surfer so that they can’t be perceived by sharks – and if they are, they aren’t seen as a meal.

One of the designs repels the shark by making the wearer unpalatable and the other replicates the natural patterns of the ocean.

Robert Lushey who is the Managing Director of Radiator said “In all my time in the wetsuit business – over 20 years – the most common thing we get asked is ‘What colour do sharks like? I don’t want to look like a seal’. Well, now we know the answer to that question and that is pretty exciting.”

Although they do not claim the suit provide fail-safe protection against shark attacks, results from initial testing of the wetsuits in the ocean with wild sharks have been interesting.

“The most important factor of their senses that they use in the last few seconds before attack, is their sight, so the systems and the technology that we’ve developed, creates confusion for their sight sense, so that’s really what the technology is about” said Craig Anderson from Shark Attack Mitigation System.

Shark Attack Mitigation Systems has a disclaimer on their website noting that the repelling technology is decreased under reduced light and in murky water.

More testing will begin in South Africa this December.