French Fred – #NOREGRETS Days

As the famous saying goes: live every day like it’s your last — with passion, vigour and enthusiasm. If you could spend one day living with no regrets, no reservations, no limits — what would you do?

For skater Sammy Winter, a #NOREGRETS Day is the opportunity to skate through one of Paris’ premier contemporary art institutions without crowds, so we shut down the Cité de la Mode et du Design. We took legendary skate director French Fred along to capture Sammy’s day.

We want to bring your #NOREGRETS Day to life. Want to play on stage with your favourite band? Not big enough — try doing it at a European festival instead. Always dreamt of shopping in Rome? Done, but you’ll be shown around and styled by your fashion icon. It will be an epic story to trade off for the rest of your life, and Contiki could make it happen.