MX3D to 3D-print a bridge in Amsterdam

“A bridge to the future in the ancient capital of innovation”

With their robots that 3D “draw” in steel, MX3D will print a bridge over the water in the center of Amsterdam. The Dutch company researches and develops groundbreaking, cost-effective robotic 3D printing technology. MX3D can 3D print beautiful, functional objects in almost any form. Much larger and more efficiently than possible until now, using sustainable materials.

Printing an intricate, ornate metal bridge for a special location is the ultimate test for robots and software, engineers, craftsmen and designers. The bridge by designer Joris Laarman will be ready in 2017. The design process using new Autodesk software is a research itself, synchronized with the technical development and taking into account the location. The project is a collaboration between MX3D, software giant Autodesk, construction company Heijmans and many others.