SKALAR Live – Exploring light and sound

SKALAR is a large-scale art installation that explores the complex impact of light and sound on human perception. The massive audio-visual sculpture is a collaborative piece by light artist Christopher Bauder and musician Kangding Ray.

They first presented this immersive audio-visual experience inside the pitch-dark industrial space of Kraftwerk Berlin during CTM Festival 2018. While SKALAR ran daily as an exhibition for four weeks, the artists also performed four exclusive live shows.

The live performance of SKALAR is an extended and intensified version of the exhibition cycle. Performed and experienced as a concert, SKALAR live has a defined duration and a dramaturgic development with alternating ambient and beat-driven sections. The connection between beats and real-time visuals play a more dominant role in the live setting. Every live performance is slightly different, and both visuals and music are controlled, altered and arranged by Christopher Bauder and Kangding Ray in real time on location.

The concept of SKALAR is based on Robert Plutchik’s psychoevolutionary theory of emotion that considers eight primary emotions: anger, fear, sadness, disgust, surprise, anticipation, trust, and joy. The combination of kinetic mirrors, perfectly synchronized moving lasers, a changing color palette, and a sophisticated multi-channel sound system triggers sensory and psychological reactions and offers a truly innovative way to experience and feel art.